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Sustainable since 2004, Catbird is the #1 destination for the most poetic engagement and wedding ring assortment. Responsibly sourced, heirloom quality, and thoughtfully designed by the Catbird studio and our favorite independent jewelers.

Catbird Diamonds & Sustainability



All brilliant cut diamond engagement rings are 100% recycled or sustainably lab grown. The diamonds in our signature micro-pavé are also entirely recycled. Just as precious as newly mined diamonds, natural recycled diamonds are reclaimed from antique or existing jewelry, and get a new lease on life with your new piece. Our recycled diamond wedding bands and diamond engagement rings are heirlooms in the making.



Our diamonds used in our lab grown wedding rings and lab created diamond rings share the same brilliance as our mined options. They are sustainably produced in trusted laboratories using carbon, high pressure, and heat. These conditions mirror how diamonds are naturally created in the Earth’s mantle! A lab grown diamond is chemically identical to an Earth-mined diamond.



All pieces in the Catbird line are made with over 95% recycled solid 14k gold and sustainable precious metals. Our recycled gold wedding bands are hand-finished with love and care.

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Share your wedding #Catbirdweddings
We’ve been to over 10,000 weddings
Share your wedding #Catbirdweddings
We’ve been to over 10,000 weddings

Art of the Ring

Future heirlooms, made to last a lifetime in our Brooklyn studio by expert Catbird jewelers, with the help of our purchasing and sourcing experts. Our team is comprised of designers, jewelers, stone-setting experts, and a gemologist. 

Thoughtful Jewelry

Made with love in our sunlit Brooklyn studio for nearly twenty years.

This is Catbird

Create memories that last a lifetime with Catbird's signature collection of wedding jewelry. From engagement and wedding rings to custom-curated jewelry sets, find the perfect pieces to mark your special occasion. Explore Catbird's curated collection and find the perfect wedding rings to adorn your special day.