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The Catbird Story Since 2004










It all started with a tiny store

In 2004, Rony opened a teeny, 225 sq foot shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn full of an ever-changing collection of things she loved - art supplies, jeans, candles and… jewelry. Jewelry - the most joy-filled purchase! - quickly became the focus. 



A jewelry revolution was born

After inventing Memory (aka First Knuckle) Rings, we had an idea for whisper-thin rings that could be worn on their own, or piled high in stacks - effortless, glimmering, affordable 14k gold jewelry and tiny starry diamond jewelry, to be worn every day. It caught on. :)


Shop Anatomy of a Stack

The Swans take flight

Our first engagement ring collection, The Swans, is released. Inspired by future heirlooms and made in our Brooklyn studio with recycled 14k gold, and recycled, ethically sourced and lab-grown diamonds. We open our Wedding Annex, a calm and quiet space for ring appointments.


Meet the Swans



We’re inducted into the CFDA

Founder Rony Vardi and Creative Director Leigh Plessner are inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America. We celebrate Ten Years of Catbird (a little late, oops!) with an enormous cake for the neighborhood and an ASPCA cat adoption event. A record number of cats are adopted!

The Catbird Giving Fund

After years of quietly giving, we formally established the Catbird Giving Fund to solidify our commitment to supporting non-profits aligned with our beliefs of equality and helping each other. We have raised $1.9 million (and counting!) for partners including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and Citizens’ Climate Education.


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Home of the original Forever Bracelet

The Catbird Forever Bracelet is born! Over 75,000 wrists have been fitted with our recycled 14k gold permanent bracelets. We have innovated and perfected the art of the zap, and dare we say: another jewelry revolution was born — this time, permanent jewelry. GET ZAPPED!


Get Zapped!

We build our dream jewelry studio and HQ

After years of moving our studio and office around Williamsburg, we built our DREAM headquarters, in the historic and LEED-certified Brooklyn Navy Yard. The studio is equipped with a mega ventilation studio, and is home to our 40+ jewelers. Our design, creative, merchandising, warehouse, marketing, HR and customer service teams all here, alongside each other — and the many office dogs.



Vito’s Gems & our Williamsburg Emporium 

We launch our first chapter of Vito's Gems — a love letter to New York, to saying yes. We get to work big and in color. Later that year, we opened our emporium, a long-standing dream. The floors are black and white, the front door is green, electric with life.

Phoebe, Rockefeller Center & Los Angeles 

We design a small collection with longtime customer Phoebe Bridgers. It sells out three times over! We open our new stores at the ICONIC Rockefeller Center, and finally: Los Angeles!


“Lately, there’s been much discussion in the fashion industry about sustainability and ethics, but since the launch of its private label jewelry line over a decade ago, Catbird has been quietly setting a new gold standard when it comes to jewelry manufacturing practices”

“Whenever I asked a cool person where they got their jewelry, the answer was always Catbird.”


On & Ever Upward...

A Letter From Our Founder


Hi Kittens!

In 2004, I opened Catbird as an ever-changing shop of my favorite things, I found a cheap, busted storefront on a not-so-pretty street in Williamsburg and had family and friends help me build it out. I sold some clothes, elbow patches, iron-ons and pretty ribbons. I also carried jewelry that I either made while sitting in my very quiet store, or got from jewelers vastly more talented than me. (That’s how I first met Bittersweets, Yayoi Forest, Digby & Iona, and others who we still carry today.)

I realized that I loved everything about jewelry. Selecting it, displaying it, helping customers find special pieces - it was a joy-filled process. 

In 2006, I opened the store on Bedford Avenue, focused solely on jewelry and started the Catbird line with one of my sales associates making pieces in her kitchen.

These days I come to work every morning and am surrounded by over 100 of the most whip-smart, funny, kind and creative people that make up what Catbird is now. We have a jewelry studio where we create pieces that still make my heart race with excitement. Our kind and lovely customer service team and store teams are devoted to helping you on your quest - whether it is a stacking ring, a wedding ring, or a small gift. Confession: we sometimes cry at the good news we get to be a part of.

Thank you so much for visiting us and feel free to reach out!